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Free Estimates

Need a fast, free roofing estimate in the Bloomington, IN and surrounding areas?

We can help. From residential roofs that constantly leak potentially disrupting homeowners/renters, to home roofs that need roofing replacement or repair, our free roof estimates will help you explore your options.

Many roofing contractors in the Bloomington area charge what is known as a “trip charge”. We never do….and we even go one step further to assist you…

In addition to your free, no obligation estimate on a new roof or roof repair, we also evaluate your roof for wood rot, leakage, drainage problems, rusting vent pipes, signs of damage due to external stresses such as natural weathering, storms, age and more. A thorough evaluation, with recommendations, at no cost or obligation to you, may just be the best 30 minutes you can spend!

We examine your roof in the estimate process – so you don’t have to!

At RCV Roofing, we understand that most people cannot (and should not) get up on their roofs and try to self-inspect damage or deterioration.

Oftentimes, the situation is not so obvious as to whether a roof has an acceptable period of time remaining. If minor roof repair will help stabilize the situation without risk of damaging your home and it’s contents or if it is time to replace the entire roof. We will discuss the situation with you in detail.

Your free rooftop estimate and options will be explained thoroughly. It is only after you speak to other roofing companies you will understand why we are seen as a premier Roofing Contractor in the Bloomington, Indiana area, with experience, competitive pricing and exemplary roofing services.