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Insurance Replacements

RCV Roofing specializes in full roof replacements from insurance claims.

In general, homeowners insurance companies will pay for roof damage if the cause was related to non-disastrous acts of God (wind, hail, rain, etc.) and if the damage occurred because of an unknown and unpreventable reason. Yet an insurance company might not be so willing to pay for damages that the homeowner could have easily prevented from doing a thorough check of the house.

For example, siding or shingles suffering damage because of old age would probably not be considered a listed “peril” of homeowners insurance. The same logic might prevail when discussing the falling of a tree during a storm. Because a storm is listed as a peril, (meaning it’s unpredictable) you would most likely be covered for all the damage, as well as the removal of the fallen tree.

If you want to avoid any possible issues, then take action early on to make your home less risk-prone. Cut down dead or drying trees and prune branches as much as possible.

One of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to roof damage is that caused by natural disasters. Unlike seasonal storms, tornado damage, flood damage, earthquake damage and hurricane damage are usually not considered ordinary perils.

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